Villa Donia Gourmet Coffee

From a coffee estate next to paradise, we are proud to deliver an exciting and delightful gourmet coffee to the discerning connoisseur coffee drinkers of the world!

Our 100% Arabica gourmet coffee:

  • is well balanced,
  • is multi-layered,
  • has a good body,
  • has a rich chocolate, fruity and nutty aroma, and
  • has a long after taste.  


The rule of thumb is that the higher the coffee is grown, the harder the bean, and the harder the bean, the better the flavour.

The slow maturation of high grown coffee gives the trees more time to pull all of that rich yumminess out of the soil.

Grown at over 1400 m, our beans are of SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) grade.


In Finca Villa Donia, we have the optimal ecosystem for cultivating coffee: deep, rich and fertile volcanic soils, warm climate with sunshine as well as adequate rain (the famous bajareque, the fine mists that comes across the mountains from the Caribbean to the North), shade of indigenous trees, and many species of song birds.

Caring of our Coffee Trees

We pride ourselves in having one of the best cared for coffee estates in Boquete, populated with the healthiest looking coffee trees.  With the help of a foreman steeped in years of coffee growing experience and an agricultural specialist, we constantly keep the soil covered, remove weeds, prune the coffee trees correctly, replace problematic seedlings and trees, apply fertilizers, and protect the coffee trees from insects and diseases.

Harvesting by selective hand picking

Our pickers are instructed to selectively pick the berries at the peak of ripeness. These have higher aromatic oil and lower organic acid content, and are therefore more fragrant, smooth, and mellow.

Water quality

It is indisputable that Boquete has abundant pure and clean water.  It is this clean water that we use for washing/processing the beans in our coffee mills.

Great coffee does not just happen.